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Innovative Institution offers a broad array of services designed to have an immediate and dramatic impact on students and professionals. Services include but not limited to high school and university tutoring, test preparation, onsite engineering/technical seminars, and customized software consulting services.

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Professor Manish Narayan had a passion for teaching since an early stage in his career and his vision is to share his wealth of knowledge and subject matter expertise with all students and professionals at any level across universities and companies world wide.

An educational background in Mathematical Physics (B.S.), Aerospace Engineering (M.S.) coupled with years of Software Architecture and Development, Professor Narayan currently lectures as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has taught various technical seminars at Fortune 100 companies including General Motors, Lockheed Martin, The Aerospace Corporation, and U.S. Air Force


“ The key to passing AP Calculus is understanding the actual subject matter. But you also need to know how to attack the specific problem types you're likely to encounter. Innovative Institution teaches you both, and that's why their programs are so effective”

Jacob Little

“ Innovative Institution has provided employees with exceptional on-site instruction. Their ability to customize their training programs to meet our specific needs has given our staff the tools, confidence and knowledge to face the continuous influx of changes within our industry ”

Mark Brown

About Company

Innovative Institution provides tutoring, corporate training, test preparation, and customized software consulting services.

Services can be provided via one-on-one, classroom based, online, and in any corporate setting.

We can help students, professionals, and organizations be better at what they do and, together, we can design and implement a training plan to make your vision reality.

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